Adding an Event

The Bear Cottage Cabin is suitable for small group events. The setting is lovely in winter and in summer and most of our bookings are for small groups of family or friends who will sleep overnight. Occasionally we have a request for a daytime event, like a corporate get-together, an intimate wedding or a very calm, family-oriented anniversary or birthday party, and we may be able to accommodate that as day-use, if you will also be having some guests stay the night. We do not make the property available solely for an event, nor do we ever authorize any other kind of party that involves more than minimal drinking and noise, as we are very conscientious about our home and our neighbors.

More people, means more wear and tear on our home and a greater risk of damage to furnishings or the property as a whole. Additional preparation and cleaning costs must be charged as events often require additional support in preparation, carpet cleaning, trash removal and extra housekeeping services. Often there are additional town rules that must be considered as larger groups may require special permits. We have created this basic event planner that you can work with to determine what your event might cost. 

For this reason, we charge an event fee, an event cleaning fee and an additional security deposit when authorizing an event. The security deposit is refundable based on meeting the terms of our agreement. Please email us with information about the type of event you wish to hold, a description of your plans, as well as the number of day-use guests you wish to host. Be sure you have included a daytime phone number and your email address so we can reach you to discuss your plans and provide you with a quote, if we feel that it is an event we can safely hold at this location.